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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Helping Out and Get Treated Like Garbage!!!

So I have been doing a lot of volunteering at my kids school. Was excited to be going on my daughters field trip Monday June 10th, 2013. Just as we were walking out the door I was stoped by one of the school workers, telling me tbat they needed help in the lunch room. So needless to say, I was forces to not go on the field trip. Totally was ticked off all day.

You would have thought they would have communicated with the kitchen staff, that I would not be here. But NO; they didn't. My daughter was heart broken when she got home from the trip. She cried in my arms for a hour. I felt so bad for her. Then today I get called sown to the office because, someone overheard what I was saying and reported it to the staff member that had stoped me. Let's just say I was HIGHLY ticked off.

Then while I was making copies today, foe the cermony tomorrow I ran out of paper. So I went to get some, and when I came back someone was using the printer. This person kept jamming it up. Needless to say when I tried to help out, I got blammed for jamming up the printer.

Yeah I know it is the last week of school, and there is a lot to do; but don't take it out on the only parent that has been helping them out. So I am sitting in the gym relaxing before school gets out. I'm not doing anything else today. I'm done with today. People need to appreciate what is in front of them, and not jump to conclusions so fast. Talk with the person ypu are having a problem with. Ugh.... Totally frustrating!!!

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