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Monday, March 18, 2013

What is Sequestering REALLY Doing to our Country???

As I have reported before, America is now under a Sequester. This is not good for our economy in any way. Before it was reported that Boarder Patrol Agents were the ones being attacked, but after further review and research they are not the only ones being affected by this. In a recent article that I just read today (March 18, 2013), it is affecting ALL government controlled places.

Here in Michigan not only are our Boarder Patrol Agents being cut down on hours, being made to take days off, AND take a major pay cut 40%; we are losing a special group of people, the Blue Angles. In the article I just read, the Blue Angels who fly over Comerica Park before games, who fly over Academies during graduations, and who put on a PHENOMENAL air show during the summer, are no longer going to be doing this. Many people look forward to seeing these flyers every year. I remember going to see them as a child myself. It is very sad that they will no longer be able to fly and bring enjoyment to thousands of people each year, all because our government doesn't know how to handle our money.

A lot of us will also be seeing less time at the State parks as well. Employees at State parks are expected to lose hours, and days because of this stupid, YES STUPID, Sequester. There are now going to be THOUSANDS of people having to make MAJOR changes in their lives AND their families lives. A friend of mines told me that a lot of Boarder Patrol Agents (single and with families) are up and leaving everything; cars, houses, etc... all because they can no longer afford these things. They would rather take a hit on their credit, then wait till last minute to find an affordable place.

It is sad to see these hard working individuals have to suffer like this. NO ONE, who puts their life on the line for OUR country, should be put through this. First our military feels it, and now WE are feeling it. Its upsetting and sad!!!

To all Boarder Patrol Agents, State Park employees, the Blue Angles, our Military, and their families, I will be praying for you. You guys should not be treated like this. It's unfair!!! Hang in there, and remember President Obama won't be in office ever again once his term is over with. Pray our country wakes up and elects someone that WILL do better for this country, without hurting the ones that protect our country and keep are state parks up and running.

God bless to all!!!

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