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Friday, January 18, 2013

Dealing with a Special Needs Child!!!

Every child is unique in every way! Some kids can catch on to things, and learn them extremely quickly; while others struggle

I am a mother of two BEAUTIFUL AND LOVING children. They are the world to me!!! But, I face a daily struggle with one of my children; my daughter. She struggles on a daily basis to do her classwork and homework; not because she doesn't want to do it or she's lazy, but because she has a hard time comprehending what is being taught. She has been like that since she was a little girl. She could only say a few words, and could not put a sentence together. When I asked her doctor what he thought (at that time) he told me, "Don't worry! She'll catch up in a year or two." Well lets just say, we are no longer taking her to that doctor any more. 

He was wrong!!! He should have recommended me to get her evaluated, but he didn't. My daughter needed to be getting help at a young age. It wasn't until the end of Kindergarten, that her teacher suggested I get her tested. Sure enough, she didn't pass any of the tests. So, thinking that with the help, she would be up to par at the end of first grade. Boy was I WRONG!!! Her I.E.P. (Individualized Education Program) that she took at the beginning of second grade showed there was no improvement. By that time, I knew that my baby girl was going to struggle through school. 

When she entered into Second Grade, she liked the teacher. I thought she was very nice as well. Boy was I wrong again! This teacher was a banshee!!! She could care less about my daughter's needs, or her I.E.P. My daughter is suppose to get help on her tests because, she could not read. When you read it to her, you had to read it slow. This banshee started getting loud with her, and circling the "key" multiple times (it was a Social Studies test with a key guide on it). You could tell the level of frustration in this teacher because, you could see the indentation of the pen on the paper. When my baby girl came home in tears telling me what she had done, I had had it!!! I went to her special education teacher, and showed her and told her what had happened. The special education teacher was FURIOUS, and had a meeting with her and the principal. Let's just say this teacher was replaced within two weeks. LOL!!! 

My daughter is dedicated to learning and never gives up! She is now in the Sixth Grade, and has gone up on her I.E.P. She's not where she should be, but she is making strides to catch up to her classmates level. It is very hard to work with her sometimes, due to her being wore out from classwork or getting punished with the whole class for something she did not do; which she then becomes very upset and shuts down. When you get her to this point, trying to get her to do anything is like pulling teeth. I asked her one day what she wanted to be, and she told me that she wants to be a doctor; and I support that 100%!!! I told her that it's going to be a lot of work, but if she pushes hard towards it she can become one. She can't let others get her mad or upset, because that decreases her learning ability. 

Children with special needs are no different then any other child. They want to learn, they want to be loved, they want to be treated like any other child that doesn't struggle in school. So take the time to work with these children. They are bright and funny; AND JUST WANT TO LEARN!!!


  1. My daughter also has learning issues, but I think she is getting closer and closer to being caught up age wise. She also wants to be a Doctor(Love the show Doc McStuffins). I encourage it as well.

    ~Christina Warunek~

    1. That is great that you are encouraging her. If you don't, they will feel like they can't do that or anything. Even if they change their mind later on, it's the fact that you are supporting their decision. It's also great that she is getting closer to her age group. I can keep on praying that my daughter will get there; but it's all up to the Lord. We shall see! No matter what, I will support her with whatever she chooses to do! (as long as it's legal, lol)