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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Why Can't People Do Their Job???

So just the other day (Friday Nov. 30, 2012) my husband had his doctor's appointment. Well let me back this up for you.

On Nov. 4th, 2012 my husband was promoted to a new position at Staples. With the new promotion came a change in all of our insurance, disability pay out, and life insurance. We were suppose to get new cards and a benefit package from all the new companies we had to sign up with, but almost a month from starting the new position we received NOTHING in the mail. Well we had insurance with another company that we were able to use up till our last payment was made them, then our new health insurance kicked in. Seeing we never receive anything in the mail, we figured it had not kicked in yet; which brings us up to Friday Nov. 30, 2012.

My husband had went into the doctors on Nov. 26th, 2012, our old insurance was still active and working. So we set up to have a follow-up check up for his foot (he has a history of getting Cellulitis in his foot, which he has again). (Cellulitis is an infection within the skin of the body. It can happen anywhere on the body!) When he went to sign in, they informed him that his old insurance was no longer active. So that meant our new insurance was active now. But we had NO IDEA that it was active because, we STILL hadn't received anything in the mail. For two hours on Friday, my husband was bounced back and forth between the insurance company (we'll call them Company X) that we are covered under and another company (we'll call them Company Y). Company X told him that he was not insured or covered under them and that he need to call Company Y, to get his information to get seen. When he called Company Y, he was told that he was not covered under them and needed to call the company that he enrolled with at his job; which is Company X. So for two hours he was bounced back and forth between these companies. Fed up and beyond ticked off, he left the doctor's office without being seen.

So today, Saturday Dec. 1, 2012, I told my husband that I would call Company X to find out what was going on. But after sitting here and thinking about it, I would probably get the same problem that he ran into on Friday. So I went to Company X's website and entered ALL his information from enrollment and what would you know..... ALL of his information was with them all along; medical coverage information, temporary medical cards, request for NEW medical cards, EVERYTHING was there. Guess how long it took me.... 10 minutes top!!! So now, I have to set hubby up with another appointment with his doctor to make sure the medicine is working.

It is so shameful that these people are getting paid to do this, and can't even do it correctly. But me, someone who has never worked in that field before was able to find out all this information within a matter of minutes. It is truly sad that today's workers are becoming so LAZY, and not wanting to do their job. I'm not saying everyone is lazy; but there are some that shouldn't even have a job if they are not going to do it correctly. There are thousands of Americans in need of a job, who would do everything and anything to make sure they got and kept that job. American workers, stop complaining about your job and be THANKFUL you have one. If you don't like what you are doing, then take the steps to change that. Don't take your frustration and hatred for the job out on the people who PAY you to do your job.

~Dana Lockett

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