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Friday, December 21, 2012

What a Joke!!!

So everyone, well almost everyone, was freaking out about today being the end of the world; and guess what, NOTHING HAPPENED!!! I knew the world wasn't going to end on a specific date, due to the fact that half of our world is in another time zone. What, was death suppose to creep slowly over the earth? I don't think so!!!
One of my friends posted on Facebook a hillarious picture. The picture had on it a scholar, a scientist, and the Mayan calendar. The scholar was examining the calendar with a magnifying glass and says, "This thing does predict something, the end of twinkies!" Lol But enough is enough! Stop posting all these end of the world cartoons and sayings. Its getting boring now!
I was watching something on t.v. and it was discussing the facts that NASA found. There's nothing heading towards the Earth, and the Mayan calendar actually rolls over. Meaning, it starts a new cycle. So if it was at 13,999 its rolling over to 14,000. What's sad is that so many people truly believed that the world was ending, and merchants played off of this and made a lot of money selling "End of the World" stuff. No one knows the date or time the world is going to end.
So hopefully the next time, because you know someone is going to come up with a new "End of the World" date, please don't buy into it; literally!!!  Its a waste of your money, annoying to hear everyone talk about it, kids thretening other kids and schools get closed because of it, and its annoying to read! So on that note, I will be blogging some time tomorrow because we are here!
Please, if you like what you read, pass my web address around to your family and friends. I really loved seeing that my blogs are being seen over seas now. So please, keep passing it along! Would love to have some new countries added to the list. Thanks for the support!!! :-)

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