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Sunday, December 2, 2012

What Everyone should be Doing!!!

When we think about the homeless we know they are cold, starving, and want some type of affection. We don't know how they got there, but more than likely they wish or pray that they were not on the streets anymore. Homelessness is not only in America, but all over the world.

As we know, New York is getting very cold this time of year; specially after Hurricane Sandy and getting hit by a Nor-Eastern storm. Just recently on November 30, 2012 Officer Larry DePrimo a New York police officer, was caught on tape giving a homeless man shoes and socks. What makes this story even nicer is, the clerk inside the shoe store found out what Officer Larry DePrimo was doing; and gave Officer Larry DePrimo his employee discount. One good action leads to another good action.

Another occurrence around June 2012 happened in China, when a American college/worker walked by a homeless woman and gave her fries and water. What makes this even nicer is that this young man sat down, ate and talked with this lady. This is not heard of or seen in China. This young man could have easily just walked by, and not cared; but he did care.

This type of generosity and caring is needed all around the world. People need to stop being so self absorbed and start thinking about those less fortunate. People think that just because a family has a roof over their head, they are doing fine. But if you got to know a family on your block, you would probably find out that that family is more than likely struggling everyday. That family could be struggling with trying to find a job, getting to places because they don't have a car/their car is broken, they don't have enough money for food, lost a loved one/spouse, about to lose their home, so many different things a family can be going through. Take the time to get to know someone you may be able offer them help in someone, and it more than likely may benefit you in some way. MEANING: You could be struggling with something and need someone to talk, or just to know someone is there if you ever do need someone.

More people need to start acting like Officer Larry DePrimo and this young American man that is in China. There are more than likely more people like Officer Larry DePrimo and this young man in China, but sadly they are not caught doing a good deed. It's not the publicity that makes you famous, its the person you just helped that makes you famous. You probably just made that persons day, week, month, or possibly even their year. People need to stop looking at each other with HATE and DISGUST; and start looking at each other with CARE and LOVE!!! After typing all of this, one song comes to mind and its by the Black Eyed Peas: "Where is the Love?"

~Dana Lockett

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