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Friday, December 14, 2012

The "So Called" End of the World Approaches Us!!!

So, I'm sitting here on the couch not feeling to good! (Thanks kids for getting me sick) I was reading some articles from the news, and seeing how our world is so corrupt and going down the drain. One article I read was about a mother, her three sons, and two grandsons who were operating a drug ring out of a couple stores. Selling controlled substances that have been banned in the state. Then there's the article about the young Eastern Michigan University girl, whose life was taken away from her family and friends way to soon. A Breaking News article about a shooting happening at a elementary school in Connecticut. Then I started reading about how these players (football, baseball, etc...) are signing contracts for $80 million or more (some less). I'm sorry, but that is way to much money. With that amount of money you can live comfortably and help out the needy. It makes me sick to see all these millionaires and billionaires, sitting in these huge houses and driving these fancy cars; when there fellow men and women, even families are sitting in the cold, in the dark, starving, living on the street, just plain out STRUGGLING!!! You never know how that family or person got to that position they are in. You get to know them and decide if you're going to help them out.

Then I think about ALL these people scamming others out of their hard earned money. Take for instance the "So called" End of the World that is suppose to happen on December 21, 2012. REALLY??? I don't believe it at all!!! How stupid are you going to feel when December 22, 2012 rolls around, AND WE ARE STILL HERE, and you wasted ALL this money on celebrating the End of the World! I saw a little cartoon article and it had two Mayan guys in this cave. One was standing around and looking at another Mayan who was holding a big stone circle, and it read, Mayan holding the stone, "Won't they all laugh when they find out that we just ran out of room on the stone?" The other Mayan, "Yes they will!!!" But there are so many people creating a big event out of this "LAST DAY" selling materialistic things that people don't need, and trying to get people to throw HUGE parties. Wasting money that they should hold on to because, WE WILL BE HERE DECEMBER 22, 2012!!!

It's time to wake up and smell the roses people. Our society is in some major need of help. If all these rich people got together, and put their money together; they could benefit A LOT of people. Ex. Help keeping police enforcement on the street, help keep fire houses up and running, etc... But money makes you do things that you never thought you would be doing. It's like a drug, if you let it get to you it can destroy you. We need to come together and help each other out. Its time to stop thinking about ourselves, and start thinking about others.

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