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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Tensions High or Just over Reacting???

Since Dec. 14th's tragic event, there has been a growing reaction from children across the nation. In Utah, a sixth grader brought a gun to school because, he feared for his life after what happened in Connecticut. In Michigan, Lapeer and Genesee counties have closed their schools due to, threats about the "End of the World" and what happened in Connecticut; (which there is no proof of any of these threats according to the school districts). There has even been an increase in bullet-proof backpacks because, parents are fearing for their children's lives.

Now, I can see how parents want to protect their children by buying them a bullet-proof backpack, I get that! I know every parent (I'm a parent of two) wants to protect their child(ren) in every way possible, but your child doesn't wear their backpack on their back all day. Most kids have lockers where they have to store their stuff. So, what good is it going to do your child if its in their locker. The students are not going to be allowed to go to their locker to get anything, if there was a shooter in the school. There is no good purpose to buying this backpack, especially if you drop-off and pick-up your children from school. So parents, think before you start buying all this stuff to protect your children. Ask yourself this question, will they have this item with them at ALL times while in school? If the answer is, NO, then save your money; or take that money and buy them self-defense classes. In Detroit, MI  there is a company called Detroit Threat Management Centers, where they teach children AND adults how to protect themselves from all different sorts of dangerous people. (www.threatmanagementcenters.com) In other areas, check around and see what is available. There is some type of self-defense classes to be found everywhere.

 I can even get the fact that the sixth grader wanted to protect himself. But, he should have thought about how people would react if they found out. (Which they did, and it didn't go lightly for the student) In this situation, a teacher said that another student, (we'll call him Jack), reported that the child with the gun, (we'll call him Bill), had pointed the gun at their head. Now there is NO evidence from the teacher or from "Jack" that this incident ever happened. So you have to ask this question, was the teacher over reacting due to "Bill" having the gun? When "Jack" was asked if this happened, he said it did not. "Bill" should have thought very carefully about what he was going to do, before he went and did it. It is unclear of what is going to happen to "Bill" for what he did.

Tensions are high, with out an doubt by school officials trying to protect their schools. They don't want another tragic event to happen. But what I can't get is were there truly true threats at these schools, or did the school districts make-up "so-called" threats just to start their Winter break early? To me, (this is my opinion, you may think differently), I think these districts just made something up; due to there being NO evidence, what-so-ever, of ANY threats. It is wrong to make up something like this, when our nation is copping with such a tragic event. It is not fair to scare parents nationwide, and think that school is no longer safe for their children. Some of my friends are starting to think about homeschooling their children, because of the fear they now have about sending their child(ren) to school.

No matter where you are at, where you go or your children go, there is always going to be "a chance" that they could get hurt or killed. There are sick, insane people out there that don't care about ANYBODY!!! You have to take actions into your own hands. Get defense classes for yourself, as well as your family. It is the best thing that you could do. You are the only one that can protect yourself when put into a bad situation. What do you think about from what you read?


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