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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

People Kill People, Not Guns!!!

Since December 14th, 2012 there has been a HUGE controversy over the gun laws. If you think about it, everybody in the older days had a gun to protect themselves. There was no law to say if you could or couldn't carry one. There was no test to take or background checks to be performed. But God was respected then!!! He was allowed in the classrooms, in the stores, on the street; EVERYWHERE!!!

But today, God has been taken out of the schools, people are trying to get it removed from money and our Pledge of Allegiance. There are A LOT of people of do not know the God at all. People have been saying that guns should not be allowed in schools. But the thing is, guns should be allowed in. If just one of those staff members would have had certification to carry, just maybe, those precious babies would be with us right now. Its not just those babies, but other babies that have been taken from us due to acts like December 14th. I believe that every staff member in a school should be certified and made to carry a gun while in school. If they didn't want to carry it after school, then that's their choice. But protection like that needs to be in every school. No school will ever know if this will happen to them.

It gets on my nerves to hear everyone saying that guns are killing people; but that's NOT true!!! Its people killing people. Guns don't have a mind; but the person holding it DOES!!! The Nazis used gas to slaughter millions; the guy who used fertilizer to kill hundreds and wound hundreds of people didn't have a gun, 9/11 was caused by box cutters and planes (thousands of people were killed without a shot fired, because there was NO guns used); point is PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE!!! So people need to stop thinking and saying this because, it TICKS me off! Its sad that people are blaming something that DOESN'T have a mind, and not the thing that DOES have a mind!!! Think about it!!!

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