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Monday, December 3, 2012

During the Holidays!!!

During the holidays we think about family and loved ones. Getting together and celebrating our holiday. For me, I celebrate Christmas. The day the Lord Jesus Christ was born. Now I know there are many of you out there that don't celebrate Christmas the way I do, or at all. Most people believe that Christmas is about trees, presents, and stockings. But it is not!!! Like I said, its about the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ. I know I will probably get a lot of bad remarks about this article or people might stop reading, but I am only stating what I believe in and what I was taught to believe.

By believing in the Lord and trusting in the Lord, I have been truly blessed. Most people may say I am not because, my family does struggle everyday with finances, sickness's, and people trying to tear us apart. But the Lord has blessed me and my family TREMENDOUSLY!!! The Lord has always provided us with the money to take care of our stuff. It may not be in a timely matter, but He has always has gotten us out of tough situations. Take for example today; I had owed a good friend money for the work he had done on my car. It had been over a month since he did the work. I was becoming very upset and frustrated that I had not paid him yet. The Lord provided me with the money yesterday to pay him back. I could have used that money to go do what I wanted to do, buy a new Christmas tree and lights; but I did what I knew was right. By me doing the right thing, paying off a debt I had with a friend, I was blessed today. My older brother and Sister-in-law gave me the artificial tree they had, plus ornaments and lights. When I received that news today, I was SO happy. The Lord provided me with what I wanted, and at no cost to me. When a few people tried to separate this family on numerous occasions, the Lord has given us strength, guidance, and protection from those individuals. Our family thankfully has never been torn apart. Yes I have A LOT of illnesses, but the Lord has gotten me through them when they have flared up. My husband has been sick on and off since late 2005 with Cellulitis. He has been in the hospital for over a weeks time, each time he has gotten it. But the Lord has always healed him, and watched over me and the children while he has been away from home.

So this holiday, reflect on the things that you have been blessed with and situations you have been blessed out of! From me to you I wish everyone a Merry Christmas!

~Dana Lockett

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