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Friday, December 14, 2012

Anything with a Log-in and Password!!!

Most everyone today has at least one social network account and/email. Some of us use it to promote our businesses, some to keep in contact with friends and family, and then there are those to make your life a living NIGHTMARE.

As of yesterday, my Facebook page was hacked and I can not log into it anymore. I have contacted Facebook for the second time because, the first time was never resolved. Its frustrating when people purposely try to destroy your life. (So if any of my friends who are reading this, if you received anything from me, it wasn't me; DON'T OPEN IT!!!) This is a warning to everyone that has any type of account anywhere, either it be a social network, email, blog, or anything that requires you to have a log-in and password; people are out to try and make your life a living NIGHTMARE!!!

I'm not dogging any of these type of sites, I'm just saying; "BE CAREFUL!!!" Change your password every few weeks/every month. My husbands work makes them change their password every 60 days for security reasons. Their password can never be the same as an old one. Ex. Your first password is johnnie; that is stored into the memory of the system and you would never be able to use that again. So try and make sure not to repeat any passwords.

It is a shame that their are people out there trying to steal your identity. These people are nerve wrecking for people trying to have fun, and do things that they like to do. What is the purpose of trying to hack someones page??? So please, EVERYONE, be careful of what you click on, what you subscribe to, or anything you sign up for because, you may be the next victim.  

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