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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

What a shame!!!

So a good friend of mine on Facebook just posted this Nov. 7th, 2012. The sad thing about this post is, IT IS TRUE!!! It was just an act to keep his presidency spot. Now that the race is over, "he" (President Obama) is doing this: 

       "All search and rescue teams have been told to pack up and leave as of 11 p.m. last night on the east coast, no further help will be issued to them. I am not for one party or the other, just for a president to help their country and the people in it, why was this order brought on as soon as the election was secured? AGAIN I AM NOT FOR ONE PARTY OR THE OTHER- just the president that is for following the commands of the One the country was founded on-GOD! I am not spreading hate right now. Just a righteous anger for the Americans on the east coast devastated by the hurricane. My husband should not be on his way home right now when there is people still in need over there! I am mad and you all should be too. Not at who won or didn't win the presidential election but at the decisions being made for our fellow Americans in need." - Lynette

It is very sad that someone would do this to people who are in need of desperate help. When Hurricane Katrina hit, you didn't see former president George W. Bush only putting people down there for a few days. He kept people down there till the state could function again. This was an act, just to keep his (President Obama) "high life" in tact. A total shame!!! Think more about your country, then going out and partying with rappers and going on talk shows at night.

~Dana Lockett

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