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Monday, October 8, 2012

Stupid Parents

Okay, so lately all I have been hearing about in the news is about stupid, "crackhead" parents leaving their child(ren) in cars, homes, or stores ALONE.  As a mother of two, this TOTALLY irks me beyond non-belief! If you didn't or don't want the child, give the child up for adoption. There are to many innocent children being hurt or killed because of negligent parent(s). If you chose to keep your child(ren) then, ACT LIKE A RESPONSIBLE PARENT!! STOP BEING LAZY, STOP PARTYING LIKE YOUR A TEENAGER, AND GROW-UP!! By you choosing to keep that child you are basically signing an agreement that is saying, you will be a parent first and a friend second, cherish, love, support, take care of, protect, educate, and play with them. THESE things are what a parent is suppose to do, but a lot of parents are failing to do this. By not showing your child that you care about them, or by hurting them (physically and/or mentally) ((which is abuse)) they are going to grow up to do wrong things. From bullying, fighting, doing illegal things, and so much more horrible things. So START acting like a parent, if you are NOT already doing the correct things for your child. It's a TOTAL shame, to see what our children are doing to each other. NOW is the time to make a change in your life, as well as your child's life.

Dana Lockett

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