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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Our Economy and Where it's Going!!!

So a lot of you know that we lost our home on February 4, 2013. It was a very sad day for us, but the Lord has more then met our needs to keep this family together; from family, friends, and even our church. Without these individuals in our life, we may not be together as of today. We have had a roof over our heads, clean clothes, more than enough food, water, heat, electricity, and beds to sleep on. Sadly, not everyone who loses their home is as fortunate as us. There are a lot of people losing their homes due to the economy.

Our economy is SO messed up right now! There are way to many families and single people losing their homes. It shows by how are shelters are CONSTANTLY full. Before it wasn't hard to get a bed in a shelter. (knew someone who had to stay in a shelter for awhile) But now, EVERY shelter is filled up! There is no more room for anyone; and sadly, many families are stuck living in their cars or on the physical street. Trying to find a job is EXTREMELY hard. There are so many job postings, but you are either OVER qualified or UNDER qualified. Many people are having to take two jobs just to keep their homes, and to be able to get back and forth to work.

With gas, food, water, electricity, and clothing on the rise, it is no wonder why people are having to take on two jobs. Before the wife could stay home and take care of the house and kids. But now, the husband AND wife have to take on a job; and in some cases, one of them has to take on another job just to live comfortably. What's even sadder is, that some people who are receiving disability are having to take part-time jobs to help out. It is truly sad how our economy is turning out. To many families are being torn apart because, our government is hiking up the prices on our products. It's not fair to see these families go through this.

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